The approach: from the best to the right rate

International comparative research has shown that communication shouldn’t focus on price alone. So what’s the bottom line? Finding the plan that best suits your specific needs. Just think of grandma who stills pays for her landline even though her grandchildren have taught her how to video chat. Or your own family, for instance, with every family member using their own screen. And meanwhile the TV is working overtime. Odds are you’re stuck with a rate plan that doesn’t take this into account. We nudged the different types of telecom users towards the comparison tool by making them aware of what they do and do not need.

The campaign: easily find the ideal rate plan for you

The challenge? Raising awareness of the new tool. The media strategy? A blanket approach. Two separate waves generated a high-performing GRP on TV. We did this primarily on channels with few commercials such as één and La Uneto make our message stand out even more. To reinforce the impact of the TV spot we also launched a banner campaign on the leading Belgian news sites. In addition, well-thought-out targeting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allowed us to perfectly gear the message of our campaign towards the individual target groups. Google SEA was another efficient way of tapping into their online search behaviour. And finally, we concluded a deal with 10 influencers, each with their own target audience. Talk about a wide range!


The results: a highly visible campaign

  • The TV campaign reached 70% of all Belgians (18+), who got to see the spot an average 4.8 times.
  • Social campaign: 6,065,869 views for our videos, 149,922 clicks to the website, CTR of 2.47%.
  • Our YouTube ads were shown 1.3 million times and viewed in their entirety 314,000 times. With a cost-per-view (CPV) of just €0.01 we reached our target groups at minimal cost.
  • With our influencers we reached an overall fan base of 619,000 people with an average engagement rate of 8.82%.
  • Special mention goes to our Twitter campaign that sent 162,000 people to the website. This is the equivalent of an unprecedented CTR of 27.98%, miles above the Twitter benchmark for this type of campaign.
  • The quality of the traffic we guided to the website was confirmed by the figures the BIPT sent us in January of this year. They show that compared to the period before the campaign, the number of people who compared rates via the tool doubled on average.
The use of our comparison tool skyrocketed. We reached our goal of getting Belgians to compare on a massive scale!
Jimmy Smedts, adviser and spokesman for the BIPT